Bundu Bashers Annual AGM and Prize Giving

Recently was the Annual Bundu Bashers AGM and Prize Giving held in Ramsgate. With Bundu Basher being one of the biggest (if not the biggest) cycling clubs in KZN, we expected a large turnout with the club currently having 201members, however with members living all over KZN many of them could unfortunately not make the event.

Like all AGM’s the club discussed the future of the club and their ways of moving forward and improving on previous issues that had arisen. Bundu Bashers also hosts two big cycling events every year the Momentum Health Short Course #3 (11th June), and the Sardine Super Classic (12th June). With these two events on the same weekend they hope to attract larger crowds this year and promote cycling on the South Coast.

Both events are already on the way in terms of preparation and both courses have had the necessary alterations made and are looking even more manicured and enjoyable than previous years.

As the AGM came to a close and with business out the way they began, Prize Giving. With such a large club there is always competition, however, with the likes of Burry Stander in the club it would be impossible for anyone else to compete against such a rider. Therefore, it was decided before hand that not all the awards would go his way.

•Hayley Smith and myself were both able to win “Best Youth rider for 2010” as well as“Best up-and-coming riders” for the future.

•Candice Neetling and James Reed won “Best Junior riders”
(Candy also won best female rider in the club)

•Darryn Purtell went home with “best U/23”
Just to name a few.

However, as always the real fun came after the more serious awards and prizes such as “best Legs”, “biggest stirrer”, and “most spectacular wipeout” were all hotly contested. Looks like I need to do some more calve raises to compete for the “best legs” next year.

All and all the evening was a huge success and loads of fun for all the attended as the night ended with a nice big braai and some good old socialising.


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