First Triathlon

After another Saturday ride at Dura Cycles sitting around having a nice cup of coffee before the ride home, Justin Portious (Future Boy) having a random moment of “genius”. Invites me to the Mudman Series #2 held by Epworth School on the 6th of March. My first thought was more pain not that excited about that. However, he insisted and soon I found myself saying “yes”.

My brother was more excited than me to hear that we would be “racing” a triathlon and jumped at the opportunity to organise our lives as we only decided the day before to compete. Sadly this meant cleaning the bikes in the hot sun.

The night before a race there is normally a few pre-race nerves but we were just going to have some fun instead of racing. This meant a very relaxed night on the couch watching a movie with some friends and a bowl of pasta precedes the early start waking up at 5 O’clock.

Soon we would be entering at Albert Fall Nature Reserve for the 9 O’clock start. The race compiled of a 750meter swim, 20km mountain bike and a 5km run. As being a mountain biker I was looking forward to this leg on the race to make up some time on all the others. I also have done some cross training with running so I knew I would handle this part on the race well.

This would have to be the case as I knew the swim would be a major disadvantage as swimming is definitely my weakest event. Right from the start of the swim I would find myself going backwards very fast and at the half way mark noticed that brother was also struggling next to me. Eventually I finished the swim WAY down the field (felt like I was in the water forever) and I could enjoy what I do best and the bike lay ahead.

The slightly shorted bike route meant I had to pick up the pace and make up some time. That’s what I did passing people from the moment I got on the bike until I moment I got off. Passing got a bit tricky around a few corners otherwise the relatively flat course was all about powering through and passing as many people as possible and that’s what I did.

Coming onto the 2nd transition and starting the 5km run I was feeling a lot better and ready for the hill that would start the run. It seemed like there was nobody else in the race for the first 2.5km lap as I ran by myself with only at one time seeing another athlete as they raced past me. The 2nd and final lap would be very different as I had to make my way through all the back markers which made the run I little more interesting but I was able to continue running my own race. Was able to finish comfortably in the top 20 and can only improve from there.

I got to say multi-sporters are tough to race these all year. However, not taking it all that seriously and using it as a little bit of training for next weeks South African Championships MTB in Cape Town this was a lot of fun and enjoyed every moment. Definitely going to be doing some more triathlons in the future, just need to do some swimming training before next time.


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