Mudman take 2 – Cordwalles

After my first Mudman and multi-sport event a few weeks ago, which I really enjoyed I was eager to take on the challenge once again. However, its been way to busy with juggling school work and training on the bike, to have time to get in the pool for some training. This was perfect as on Wednesday leading up to the race I was contacted by Team Jeep Multi-sport athlete Ryan Redman as he had suffered with a knee injury and would not be able to run or ride.

He asked my brother (Elmo van der Spuy) and myself to join him in the team event. Ryan was able to swim as it was his best discipline and not damaging to the knee, Elmo also suffering with knee injuries wouldn’t be able to run which meant he would be riding. This worked out perfectly as this would also be his strongest event. I would be left to finish our race in the run it was not my favourite event, however running has always probably been my most natural event of the three.

Left home the day before with Justin Porteous, Darryn Purtell and my brother to stay in Team Jeeps athletes house in PMB. We picked up my sister on the way, with it being 4 guys we needed someone to organise us and act as our mother. A early dinner to miss Earth Hour meant a early nights sleep.
6:30 wake up call and with a short drive we were quickly helping Justin help put up all the Future Life banners and stands which barely fitted in the car. Being in the team event meant we needed to warm up well as each person would need to sprint their disciplines. A quick jog and stretching was different to the sprints in used to on the bike however, it would be the warm up routine for the day.

Ryan did a brilliant swim even with a injured knee as he exited the water in three overall and limped his was to the transition where Elmo nervously was waiting. I was now left in the transition as I waited for him to return. After his first lap I got an update and found my brother was in second overall. He road very well to maintain a high pace to hold Tyron Whites well to the transition. Not needing to change I was able to exit the transition area before everybody else.

The 5km run turned into a sprint as I was in first overall and didn’t want to lose that. I started a bit to fast and soon found out as I had lost my breath in like 2 minutes and struggled from there. I had some motivation to keep going as I could see Tyron behind me on every straight and up the hills would try put down a hard pace. The effects of not training for a running race came through towards the end however, was very happy with my performance. The team (Team Jeep) won overall which a team has not done for quite a while in a Mudman.

Was so fun to be able to race with my brother in a team event for the second time ever. Thanks to Ryan Redman for the awesome opportunity was definitely a great race and loads of fun. Well done to Justin Porteous for a good second and Darryn Purtell for a brilliant finish in the top ten in his first attempt in a multi-sport event.

The Team Trophy


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