Time to get running

This weekend allowed me to compete in my first of the Time Freight Multisport Series held at Albert Falls. I opted to do the Multi-x Long course, which consisted of a 5km run, 20km cycle and another 2,5km run. Having not done much running in the last few months, was wondering how my legs would feel doing a total of 7,5km of running.

Morning of the race was yet another early one, waking up at 4:15 to make sure we could leave by 5:00. With my mom joining me and competing in the multi-x short course for the first time, there was some excitement in the air and I for once was unable to sleep in the car. Upon arrival we knew it would be cold but the cars warming alarm saying it was just 2 degrees was unexpected.

After entering and doing the 32GI survey on their touch screens we started organizing our bikes and running shoes to put them in the designated area.  Before I knew it I would be at the start line standing with Murry Starr, listening to race directions.

We were off on our first 5km run (and just like mountain biking) the field quickly spread out and I had decided to run my own pace which surprisingly left me in 10th going through the half way point in the run. The early fast pace did prove to hurt the legs and I slipped back in the second half of the run to 11th.


Moving onto my favourite event next the,mountain bike, I knew I would be able to make up a few places. That is exactly what happened as I was able to pass 3 people in just the first 10km. The second 10km I caught up to, 2 more people, and we were able to work together to maintain a high pace all the way back to the transition zone. Having done a lot for work on the bike to make up time my legs were unwilling to start the run at a fast pace. With my two riding partners running away from me I just tried to hang on to my 7th overall.

After about 1km into the last run my legs started to feel better and I was able to increase my pace, however it didn’t last long as my left leg started to crap approaching to finish. I kept watching my back to make sure nobody was to come up behind me and pass me and I was luckily able to retain my 7th overall and 1st in the under 19 age group. I really enjoyed this event and can not wit for the next event at Shongweni Dam on the 21th August looking forward to seeing you all there.

For more information into the Time Freight Series check out the Max Cluer Events page at: http://www.maxcluer.com/home/time-freight-multisport-series

Or join the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MultisportSeries 

Event Pamphlet


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