Dura Cycles – Knight Series #3

With 2 round of the Dura Cycles night series complete I was hoping to have a good race it the third race of this 5 part series being held at Douglas Mitcheal. The first round of the series I was able to pull off a victory and missed the second round due to a nationals in Johannesburg. This meant I was very excited to redeem my past performances and have a solid race in the third event.

After a chaotic start to the evening as my sister had to rush our puppies to the vet as they were suddenly sick, my races started earlier than expected. All the watching of the Tour de France paid off as I performed a 15km time trail in the dusk to get to the race start on time. However, with the solid warm up done and all lights on I was excitedly on the start line. With the sirens going off it was a race to the first single track, which Jono Downham managed to achieve with a more than questionable early start. With Jono carrying what look like flood lights from behind and Darryn Purtell doing the same sitting closely on my wheel, I was able to see the track like it was day time as I flowed Jono lines around the first lap.

With local pride holding the fastest lap time on the line I was able to sprint past Jono to cross the line for the first lap in first with Jono close on my heals. The second lap I realized my light was a lot less bright than I previously thought, as I no long had Jono around me lighting up the track. Knowing the course very well being my third time racing on it this year and many hours racing around it in training I was able to use that track knowledge to continue clocking fast consistent lap times.

Besides racing hard up front I was able to see the spot-lights on Jono behind me around nearly every corner. On my last lap I was able to open up the gap back to second a little more and was able to cruse the last few meters to claim the win with Jono close behind and Darryn working hard as he tried in vain to real in Jono. Altogether it was a great event and really awesome to race at night again. I cant wait for the last two races in the series and hope to see more of you there to enjoy the fun and amazing atmosphere.


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