32Gi fueling Team Jeep South Africa

32GI being the first sugar free and low-GI endurance energy drink in the market for sports nutrition, has really changed my way of thinking about my own nutrition while racing and training. Over my last 3 months of training and racing 32GI has been fueling me and helping me not to get depleted of energy on the bike.

The first time I used this product I was confronted with the question “How can a low-GI product give you energy in a sport like mountain biking?” Personally I had no response never using the product before, but I soon found how this product is helping me. 32GI does not aid with quick releasing energy but rather promotes being more balanced and healthier in the way you accomplish your energy requirements while doing sport and throughout everyday life.

Most of today’s energy drinks are high GI and have side effects such as spiking, tooth decay, nausea, weight gain as well as blood sugar problems. 32GI has been able to combat these problems, and with their Glycemic Index of only 32 it helps your body release the perfect amount on glucose needed, to sure its ability to give you have sustainable energy. However, it also aids with fat store tapping in order to ensure the balance of energy ultimately providing a long lasting source of energy, which has no spiking and energy dips.


32GI has the great advantage of benefiting people of all ages in improving there physical as well as mental performances’, which is largely due to their guarantees in sustainable energy. 32Gi is also one on the best tasting energy drinks I have ever tried with flavours such as Peach, Orange, Lime, Raspberry and even a Neutral flavour, which is flavourless for those who prefer the taste of water. At the moment my favourite flavours are raspberry and Lime. You can purchase 32GI in the form of a 1kg tub in the flavour of your choice, which will give 20 serving of 500-700ml.


For more info check out their website at : http://www.32gi.com

Or the 32 Gi blog at: http://blog.32gi.com

Or Join the Facebook page at : http://www.facebook.com/32GiKeepGoing





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